Finn f.

Finn f.

Chief Operating Officer at Insight.

Angel sanchez

Angel sanchez

Chief Executive Officer at Insight.

Insight has officially partnered with Rematch as an official tournament and event organizer.

What is Rematch?

Rematch is a competitive gaming platform for gamers to compete in online head-to-head matches, tournaments, and scrims to earn cash and prizes. Here, you can compete at the next level and test your skills by playing against other competitive gamers from different parts of the United States and world.

“We had been thinking of hosting events for months now,” says Angel Sanchez, “but, we never really had the resources or organization to do so. Rematch is truly changing the way events are organized, creating an entire system to ensure integrity. We have multiple monthly events that will be brought to our community with cash prizes that would not be possible if it were not for Rematch.”

About Insight

Team Insight is an esports organization that was established in 2020 with the goal of reshaping the gaming universe. With years of involvement within the entire gaming & esports industry, they strive to push all players to the best of their abilities in-game, while also improving themselves as a person and professional in the real word as well.

We are dedicated to competing at the highest level of competition while also shaping and implementing some of the most unprecedented strategies out there. Insight wants to make a change

What does this mean?

Community engagement is key throughout social media, and Rematch is allowing Insight to take it to the next level. With prize-pools, outstanding production, and integrated ensured integrity systems, these events couldn’t be more enjoyable.

Insight’s partnership with Rematch means that we will be able to take community engagement to the next level by implementing events and tournaments into Insight. Anyone is free for participation and can do so by signing up by clicking HERE.